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The NORMA project

The Norma project is an initiative of the network and think tank Prescience-network dedicated to new modeling and design tools, crossing design and foresight to develop a community of practice motivated by the necessary intelligence of transformations, at work in a multitude of value chains.

The multiplicity of actors and interests, sometimes openly antagonistic, imposes a rethinking of the use, the stakes of influence and the analysis of the uses of Law; the Norma project is voluntarily community-based in order to promote the circulation of knowledge and to contribute to a better understanding of the stakes related to Legal Intelligence.

Considering jointly that standards, shared framework of common regulations, have become, both by their tactical use and by their operational aims, a new strategic stake for organizations, the Norma project was born thanks to the involvement of the Cabinet Unik Avocats, as well as of the AEGE – the network of experts in economic intelligence.

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Unik Avocats